Style Of Mediterranean Cooking

The Middle Eastern countries include Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, etc. are known for their peculiar cuisine. The Mediterranean cooking style is always discussed when we use olive oil or special herbs for making unbeatable dishes of lamb, chicken, or beef. Major ingredients used for Mediterranean cooking style are chickpeas, beans, lentils, olives, etc.

The highlighting part of the Mediterranean Food in Connecticut is the quantity of protein diet in a dish. Apart from chicken, lamb or beef as a protein content, yogurt and cheese are also used to make it a wholesome protein diet. The chefs of the Mediterranean restaurant ensure to prepare gluten-free dishes packed with the purity of herbs, ingredients and essential vitamins.

Facts about Middle Eastern Cuisines

Before visiting a flamboyant Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, it’s good to know about facts about Mediterranean ingredients that make the dishes so delicious.

The roasted beef lamb or chicken is served with very famous Pita bread. It is one of the oldest breads being consumed in the Middle Eastern countries since the ages. The Pita Bread is always on the menu. The most popular vegetable of Mediterranean cuisine is eggplant. On the menu, you would find exclusive dishes made with eggplant.

Falafel is another famous dish always found on the menu in a Mediterranean restaurant. It’s a deep-fried ball or patty made of chickpea, fava beans, and special herbs and spices. Out of all, saffron is the most expensive herb of the world used in Mediterranean cuisines.